Please follow these rules to prevent being banned or kicked

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Please follow these rules to prevent being banned or kicked

Post by Rollir025 on Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:15 pm

Global Rules:

- Admin's words and decisions are final!
- If an admin swaps your team, you must stay on the team you have been swapped to!
- If you don't know the game or are new, you must join T!
- LRs should be played fairly
- CTs can refuse custom LRs (Knife guntoss, Climb, Bhop, Nade guntoss etc)
- Don't glitch the armoury doors!
- Whining is not allowed, if you have an issue contact @admin
- Only 1 Warden, when Warden dies another CT can take over commands.
- When Warden is giving orders, you may not use your microphone.
- No detours/no delays is implied in all commands.
- No excessive radio spamming

CT JailBreak Rules

- CTs must have a mic! You will be switched to T's if you do not have a microphone!
- Camping in the armoury / vents / medic / secret areas is forbidden
- Interfering with wardens games is not allowed! (Shooting football / resetting games / resetting score)
- CTs should give warnings before killing people, except if it’s a rebelling or an escaping T!
- CTs cannot order Ts to do something which will kill them (jump off a tall building)
- CTs cannot order Ts to stay in cells / go in cells!
- CTs cannot order Ts to kill a CT
- CTs cannot bait (With or without weapons!)
- CTs cannot gunplant! (This includes Toy guns, Unless Warden needs a Toy gun for a game)
- CTs job to maintain the jail security, and look after the T's, and not wander around the map.
- CTs can only kill themselves for freekilling, giving freeday to the victim in exchange is not allowed
- CTs can only protect armoury / vents and give timeframes in last request!
- CTs are not allowed to play Freeze / Unfreeze game with T's!
- CTs are not allowed to issue "Crouch walk" command
- CTs cannot order same days 3 times in a row, max 2 days (Wardays, Freedays)
- CTs may not freekill (it's a given)
- CTs cannot exit armoury via vents
- CT's should only enter a vent when they have good reason (The vent is open / T is missing)
- If no orders are given before opening cells, it's a freeday!

T Rules:

- Do not follow orders given by the warden and guards.
- Do not drop a contraband when told by a Guard after 3 or more seconds.
- Do not back away from a Guard when told to do so.
- Do not go into or attempt to enter restricted areas: Armory, Ventilation Areas and Weapon Caches.
- Do not kill or injure a Guard without their consent (even if they are baiting).
- Do not interfere with games in any form or activate buttons/controls meant for Guard's.
- Do not throw any type of grenade (flash, decoy, molotov, smoke, explosive grenade) unless ordered by the warden.
- Do not leave cells before being told to by the warden unless it has been 2 minutes since round-start.
- Do not cheat, detour or delay in any of the orders or games.

Other Important Rules:

- Hackers/Cheaters will be permanently banned without warning, period. No exceptions.
- No Bunnyhop scripts, hacks, freescrolls, hyperscrolls and macros allowed.
- Respect All Players (Including Admins And Regulars).
- No Freekilling.
- No Ghosting.
- No weapon spamming.
- Always follow JailBreak rules (Type !motd to see the rules).
- No crying or whining (we want a good atmosphere on our servers).
- No recruiting or creating "Friends group".
- No racial or religious slurs.
- No Pornographic images in sprays.
- No advertising servers or websites.
- English ONLY on mic (any other language will result in a mute)
- If someone is speaking on mic, please DON'T speak over them.
- No Spamming.
- No Exploiting.
- No Glitching.

Server Administrators

- [PlatG] Rollir025
- [PlatG] Frainzy
- Staff will help you with any issues you may have on the server or forum.

Server commands - Type in chat to execute

- rtv - Rock The Vote
- votemap - To vote a map
- nominate - To nominate a map
- votekick - To vote kick a player when no admin present
- voteban - To vote ban a player when no admin present
- votemute - To vote mute a player
- @ YOURMESSAGE - To report to admins privatly
- settings - To change client-side settings e.g. deathbeam, quake sounds
- nextmap - To show the next map.
- timeleft - To show the time left for the next map.
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