Please follow all these rules or you will be kicked/banned!

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Please follow all these rules or you will be kicked/banned!

Post by Rollir025 on Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:18 pm


- Hackers/Cheaters will be permanently banned without warning, period. No exceptions.
- No Bunnyhop scripts, hacks, freescrolls, hyperscrolls and macros allowed.
- Respect All Players (Including Admins And Regulars).
- No Freekilling.
- No Ghosting.
- No weapon spamming.
- Always follow JailBreak rules (Type !motd to see the rules).
- No crying or whining (we want a good atmosphere on our servers).
- No recruiting or creating "Friends group".
- No racial or religious slurs.
- No Pornographic images in sprays.
- No advertising servers or websites.
- English ONLY on mic (any other language will result in a mute)
- If someone is speaking on mic, please DON'T speak over them.
- No Spamming.
- No Exploiting.
- No Glitching.

Server Administrators

- [PlatG] Rollir025
- [PlatG] Frainzy
- Staff will help you with any issues you may have on the server or forum.
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